I loved exercising and being active but my joint pain has become so severe that just standing up hurts. Any advice on getting my body moving again? I unfortunately don’t have access to a pool.

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  • royalty


    I would personally say rest easy for about a week and see how you feel then. I tried getting back into exercising in the summertime (it's winter where I live right now) but my joint pain ended up getting so bad that I had to stop. I think it's always good to exercise either every other day, or every two days to give your body some time to rest and recover.

  • Snapcracklepop


    I’ve been resting easy for 2 years now 😥

  • K.Darby


    I’d recommend seeing a physical therapist

  • MultiMato


    Physical therapy helped me a lot with some of my issues. They can guide you in exercises that are safer and will lead to less injury than just trying things on your own.

  • Nyc_uc_joint


    When you’ve been resting a lot it’s important not to start up activity too quickly, go slow and give yourself time to recover. Your joints will take longer to be strong than your muscles so take it easy while still increasing your activity. I’d highly recommend seeing a physical therapist who can help with this. But the key is slowly ramping up activity

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