anyone have any experience with therapy and psychiatry apps (like Cerebral, Better Help, etc)? I’m trying to find a psychiatrist in my town but it’s been weeks and I’m not having much luck. wondering if any apps are worth trying out?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Thiswoman


    Cerebral is pretty nice for me and has actually helped me in not only getting diagnosed with the RIGHT diagnosis but also getting a proper explanation and medications right away… ❤️

    • Moongirl


      hi! May I ask, did you do the medication and care counseling plan? Or the medication and therapy plan one that’s more expensive ? I can’t really tell what the exact difference between the two is

      • Thiswoman


        care counseling… and I don’t really know either actually… I’ll ask…

  • Sandia721


    I used better help and loved it! I highly recommended it! I was matched with a great therapist, found the quiz they used the match me to be quite thorough. I like that they have many options to speak with your therapist- you can message in between sessions, scheduled live chats, talk on the phone, or video chats. This was especially helpful for me because my social anxiety prevented me from going to therapy for a long time. So we started out just by messaging. Then worked up to talking on the phone. Then eventually to video chatting. I can’t say enough good things about it.

  • Caprim


    I used better help to tide me over until I found a Dr near me. I don’t recommend using for longer than that. They have a high turnover rate and do not care for your long term health like you Psych nearby would. I did the medication plan. Cerebral my Dr never showed up 4 different times. It was very upsetting.

  • packersfan95


    I found my therapist on betterhelp and I love her! She left to to her own virtual practice so I left betterhelp too, but I was very lucky to find her there!

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