I was diagnosed with remitting relapsing MS in February 2022, it’s been a challenging year. Are you a sufferer?


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Multiple Sclerosis (MS)


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  • Tips


    I am. Everyone is excited about the New Year all i feel is dread

  • jjmcgrey


    Firstly you need to drop the phrase MS sufferer. It is negative and you will have enough negativity in the coming years without inflicting it on yourself! Those of us who try to stay positive call ourselves MS Warriors because if you want to stay as well as you can with this evil condition you need to become a warrior and fight it forever more. I had my first attack in 1993 then official diagnosis in 2001 and I have been fighting ever since. I now mobilise in an electric wheelchair, I have a permanent suprapubic catheter but I'm still only on two drugs for MS symptoms. But before you freak out remember my journey is not your journey and everybody is unique. Some have aggressive MS some go through life with very minimal, if any disability. You are only in the early stages of your MS journey so so now is the time to do everything you can to keep the MonSter at bay. Look into changing your diet, make sure you exercise regularly, keep yourself in the best health you can and above all stay positive! Remember that although doctors are there to help make sure you research for yourself any advice or meds they suggest, anything recommended to you needs to be approached with an open mind but also a sceptical mind. Research the like of LDN ( low dose naltrexone ) cannabis, the best bet diet and oms regimen. Contact the MS-UK charity who can offer information on many other therapies lifestyle choices. Good luck, you can do this! 🤗

    • Ades


      gotcha, I stand corrected 👍

  • MSGO


    I agree, also, I don’t like the word disease. I prefer Chronic Health Condition

  • Lexxi02


    I'm actually the same, I hate it when people call my MS a disease.

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