Chronic Pain along with fibromyalgia is something I constantly live with. Can’t talk about it to anyone because TO THEM I’m complaining. When really… if I don’t express my pain I’ll hurt more.

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Generalized pain

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  • djlex13


    😥 ❤️feel the same.

  • Evette


    Yes I understand and I've had doctors to tell me it's in my head not my body.

  • Laazymoose


    Yes I've had fybromialgia since 2008. I've been tested for ms 3 times once 2 weeks ago. Nobody understands they all think that I'm faking it because my sister in law was diagnosed in the 80's with fybromialgia and she's not in pain so I shouldn't be. It's ridiculous really and I'm so sad it's like I don't matter. I have a whole list of autoimmune disorders and I'm just so alone in my family because no one else cares that I'm in pain

  • dolphinblues


    Totally understand. I have Fibromyalgia symptoms since my late teens (1987), finally got diagnosed in 2009. I also have chronic back (since work injury 1994) and neck problems (since car accident 2002). It makes things a lot harder when our loved ones treat us like we are either lying or exaggerating about our pain and symptoms. Hugs to you!

  • slingey


    I feel you it's like I'm in my little world

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