Has anyone tried Psilocybin for depression?

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  • hyden


    i have! i've had incredible breakthroughs using psilocybin and to this day it's my favorite "medicine" along with st. johns wort. my first time using psilocybin i took 2.5 grams with a group of friends and a sitter in a safe environment (a close friends apartment), and had some awesome breakthroughs about a lot of things contributing to my negative mental health (body dysmorphia, social anxiety, self worth, etc.) the next morning i woke up feeling as if i could breath for the first time after dealing with depression for so many years. the effects lasted around 1-2 months, and i was basically "cured" of most (if not all) of my symptoms. today i take 300mg st. johns wort (OTC supplement) 3x a day, and on the days i don't i microdose psilocybin. i highly recommend it, but of course be very careful and safe :)

    • Daz


      wow! Amazing. I’m waiting for a trial or something more official (too scared to do it on my own) but this is good to know.

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