TW sexual topics, swearing, sexuality crisis, self hate, unaliving thoughts

vent post for the most part

Going through yet another crisis. Why do i crave romance and intimacy but get so nauseous when someone is romantic with me? ive only ever been romantic with men, am i only attracted to women? am i aro? am i ace? everything is so confusing and everything hurts i want to vomit and i dont want to feel this way. and everytime i talk about it the only advice ive gotten is to masturbate. theres a fcking reason i dont and tching myself isnt going to make romance less fcking nauseating. even the reccomendation is fcking nauseating. i thought i could talk comfortably about my struggles but i got the same triggering advice again and i want to die i feel so uncomfortable i hate it here i hate it here i hate it here why can’t i be normal

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    Feel free to DM me if you would like. I am grayromantic (still questioning) and asexual (sex repulsed). I discovered my asexuality almost 9 years ago and I still go through periods of time where I have to grieve that part of myself. At the end of the day though, it is just how I am and I have to accept that. I definitely understand the feeling of nausea when trying to interact with others sexually or romantically. It takes a lot of connection for me to feel romantically attracted to someone. It is hard given how sexual and relationship obsessed our society is. I wish I were different. I wish I were allosexual and able to appear more "normal" to society. It is hard to accept for some of us, AND it is who we are. You may be ace and/or aro or maybe there is underlying fears holding you back, but you have plenty of time to figure yourself out!

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