I just lost my job because of calls outs due to feeling like garbage and exhaustion. I really thought that they were understanding with my condition. Anyways, what helps you feel better or gets you through your work day?

Fibromyalgia (FM)


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  • CaitieBug


    I'm in your same position. I'm looking at work from home options, since it's so difficult to get any sort of support for a fibro diagnosis.

    • CaitiBee


      Working from home really is the way to do it!

  • Chesbro99


    Work from home is great. Or an easy office job. Being exhausted is really hard though. I just take it 30mins at a time. And try and keep pushing along

  • evanchiladas


    i lost my first job due to the same thing, and also corporate found our about my "puke breaks" of which i would drop everything and run to the bathroom to puke from exhaustion or migraines, and then come back as if nothing happened lol. i'm at a better job now and i'm really liking it, but my absences are causing me to be unreliable again. i got my first write-up nearly two weeks ago :((

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