Anyone know their cd4 count? Mine is around 600 last time I checked. My best friend was less than 200 when she had pneumonia but she started a new medication and now she’s undetectable.

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)


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  • Mzcupcake


    My cd4 count drop so low like my cd4 count was 54 I had pneumonia Because I was in the hospital on antibiotics that made it drop but When I got out the hospital and went to my ID doctor it came back up 500

    • Jadetealblu


      anytime the cd4 count drops below 200, it’s considered an AIDS diagnosis and that never changes. The good thing is that your cd4 count can always come back up and you can always become undetectable. I’m so grateful for the medicines out here. My friend is doing so well. I told her to stay away from negative talking people and stress. Stress can definitely do a lot of harm to us.

      • Mzcupcake


        I'm doing alot better

      • Petah


        hi. I just got diagnosed with the same condition and I've been worried about my med since I only take one. Could you please tell me which meds they gave you. To get better faster? 🙏

  • krissy46


    I am reading threw the comments and minds was a 7 OMG I was scared and right after they take you off antibiotics it goes up and am undetectable and taking my medications.they had gave up me at one point ❤️

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