Does anyone know much about accommodations at work for people with bipolar? Do any of you disclose it as a disability when applying for jobs? I feel like I’m not able to truly apply anywhere feeling like I’m going to be able to keep up in the long run 😔

Bipolar 2 disorder

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  • Ashskiles


    I disclosed it to my current jobs, especially since I’m undergoing a med change. Just so that I can get time off in the event I have a manic or depressive episode!

  • Cedar


    Legally they have try to accommodate you in same way. It may not be in the way you have asked but they do have to provide some type of accommodations. You talk to HR and someone will work with you. Your therapist and psych need to fill out paperwork stating the requests you’d like. And then the HR team reviews them and let’s you know what they can accommodate. You don’t have to disclose to your boss if you don’t want them to know the only people that need to know is HR if you are trying to get a formal written accommodation. However if you feel comfortable disclosing with your boss they may okay accommodations without needing it to be formally documented.

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