How do you deal with depressive episodes?

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  • alexsharp11


    I stay on a schedule and I push myself to do things when my body is yelling no. Before I know it I'm back up to a manic episode.

    • aries02


      my depression gets so bad that i literally CANT make myself do anything. it’s so hard to explain to people that i want to be doing things but i physically cannot get myself out of bed. if you’ve ever seen euphoria it’s like the episode where rue is so depressed she gets a uti from not going to the bathroom

  • vespera


    I get really lethargic and fatigued, too. If you've never heard of unified cutlery theory, look it up. It's really helpful. I try to figure out how much energy I have and sort of prioritize what I can get done that way. It's a good investment to get baby wipes and dry shampoo so you can stay clean even when you can't shower. I keep a bin of water and snacks by my bed, including carbs and chocolate for the small mood improvements they can provide. Don't eat too much sugar though, as it can further disregulate you. B vitamins and D vitamins really help, my psych prescribed me D3 because I'm horribly deficient. I also find that seafood really helps to improve my mood. I'm not sure if it's the fatty acids improving my mood or if it's the collagen helping ease my chronic pain. Whatever the case is, it really helps me. My mother in law swears by aloe vera juice for her depression. I'm allergic unfortunately but it's been helping her manage her symptoms for over 20 years. Try to find a creative outlet if you can. I write poetry and draw. It doesn't have to be beautiful, sometimes it's just the satisfaction of making something. Feel free to DM me too, I know sometimes just having someone to talk to helps.

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