How do you manage your mental and physical health? I never have a grasp on both it seems to be one or the other. It’s like having 2 full time jobs.

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

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  • Voodoo


    I so agree I find it very hard too. I mostly do some meditation to somewhat ease my mind. ( sometimes it works.) But for physical health I don't really have a grasp on it yet. But determined to find one.

  • DancingZebra


    It’s not a great solution but I watch videos on YouTube (particularly Therapy in a Nutshell, CrappyChildhoodFairy, and some chronic illness related channels as well). It helps a lot when I need to focus on solutions. I got a life coach to help me talk through immediate issues and I’ve only done a couple sessions but it was really helpful.

  • LoquaciouLo


    I feel this in my soul. I think start small. Just trying being more mindful throughout your day, and giving yourself breaks where you are relaxed. Try to combo some annoying chronic broken person self care task with something more relaxing. Easier said than done, but that’s the best solution I’ve found so far. It’s hard.

  • Aspie3


    I agree, it is a new lifestyle taking care of everything day to day. I have learned to take things as they come, give myself small goals daily, be as grateful as possible, and speak openly about my struggles. That last one is hearsay because I don’t want to sound whiny, but I believe in the power of information and I’ve helped to inform quite a few people just because I decided to be verbal.

  • The_Sleepy_Zebra


    I feel this I have used the app finch to help relax and stay mindful throughout the day in small ways to help mental health. It doesn’t take take a lot of time so I can do it around all the chronic illness business

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