Everyday when I wake up, I hope for the new day to be better than the last, but as the day goes by I realize that my expectations for myself are what get me sad so fast. I expect better and I end up disappointing myself. I need to lower my standards, not just for me, but also for everybody else.


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  • Rosalieee


    I am with you. I have super high expectations for myself. After talking with my psychiatrist, he reminded me that loading your plate with too many things can just make you so unhappy because you have no time to de-compress. And people like us who already have depression, the lack of energy SUCKS. My best advice is to not drop anything immediately but slowly reduce the amount of time and energy you are putting towards your top stressors. Baby steps. You are your own worst critic. You are doing great and you have a community here to talk to whenever you need it.

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