I smoke weed heavily everyday and my mom took it away from me and i had a breakdown feeling like I lost everything and have absolutely nothing to live for.

Substance Use Disorder (SUD)


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  • InsidiousAnomaly


    Can you have a conversation with her about it? Or find out why she took it away? That seems disrespectful toward you, especially if its your only medicine as it is for me and otc meds I wish I had more but my mother smokes more pot than I do I feel. She probably wouldn't like my coke usage but since im jobless I cannot get it so its not an issue right now.

    • sxyabbyrosee


      I agree completely. my mom threw away my vape and wax pen because she says my brain is still developing, but weed gets me through the day

      • InsidiousAnomaly


        I guess it also depends on age you are (minor vs adult; still living at home and their rules), but I didn't start smoking till I was 18 (now 30), and while it is true our brains aren't fully developed till 25-26 and it can have an effect (but so can other mind altering prescribed meds). I think it's a shit thing to do tho still.

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