I’m really good at planning and horrible at follow-through. As a college student, this is a problem. Tips?

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • arthoe99


    I tend to plan, start, and never finish stuff... usually I tend to under commit to things that can reoccur (I categorize into things with due dates, social, work, etc)

  • kodigoldie


    Routinery - it's an app that is currently saving my ass every single day

  • Brie13


    Consistency and routine 100%. But also making room in your routine for spontaneous events like when a friend offers to hang out with you at the last minute. That use to bother me when I had to shift my schedule all around to ‘fit them in’. This wasn’t a healthy thing to do and I wasn’t only micro-managing my own life but limiting my friends and their access to me as a friend. Just be flexible by not doing too much and you’ll have more time for yourself and others.

  • Nanay_Chey


    Google calendar to plan every. part. of. my. day. until I got the hang of things. Wearing a smart watch that you never take off works too! Time management is keyyyyy🔑

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