Every day is a struggle at the moment with different pressures I think trying to keep my mind in a good place helps. I’ve had my first flare up November 2022 which was a experience. How does everyone else cope I know everyone’s condition is different.


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    I am in the same situation. Newly diagnosed with UC and in flare since Nov 22. Taking steroids and mesalamine. Mesalamine didn’t help initially so taking only steroids and will restart mesalamine this week. Probably on your question how to cope ? I feel we have an idea of what we have, we have a GI team identified who we can work with Incase of a flare in future and probably the important thing is to figure a maint medicine. Then comes the lifestyle and diet change. That means handling the stress and figuring the dietary triggers. Hopefully it helps and that’s what I have figured till now the path forward.

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