Ok so how can I know if I’m really having difficulty breathing and must run to the hospital or it is just a panic attack and will vanish once I calm down?

Lately been feeling weird feeling in my chest while breathing… I asked doctors online they told me it is just something simple… I’m sick of watching my breathing and overthinking … in the past years I ran to the ERs multiple times in terror just to hear I’m fine just a panic…. Why does it feel so real? I almost feel like I can’t trust my own body.



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  • vee805


    I was just telling my therapist the other day that I feel so uncomfortable in my own body now because I don't trust it. Because it's always doing weird things. Breathing is one of them. I always feel short of breathe, or like my lungs won't expand all the way but My oxygen shows as normal. I also went to see a pulmonary Dr and they did tests and said my lungs are healthy and strong. Idk why I always feel like this but I hate it. My suggestion to you is to buy an oxygen monitor and use it when you feel this way as a reminder that you're lungs are fine. Also make an appt with the pulmonary dr and run tests just to be sure

  • Md3


    Do some calming excerises and breath and if it doesn't go away then you'll know

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