I put down that I have a speech disorder (I have had a lisp for my entire life and went to a school-provided speech therapist for nine years with no luck) but it put me in dyslexia which I don’t have lol but I wanted to ask if a lisp counts as a speech disorder. There is a possibility that it could be caused purely by autism but that’s hard to figure out. Idk man these labels and conditions are so confusing

Alexia and Dyslexia

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  • Gmaster


    Same I had a speech therapist as well, but I wasn’t in luck, I think I may be dyslexic, but my parents say it’s because of my anxiety which I don’t believe. Hopefully I can figure out why my speech is like this.

  • mack10



  • mack10


    I hope u get help soon. You seem to write well. I don't think it is Dyslexia.

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