Hi! i suffer from POTS and i would like to know what works for others. it really affects my daily life and i could use improvement.

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)

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  • SIOFan


    I use Sqwinchers or Liquid IV to help with salt and hydration

  • Bijoux_bean22


    I love compression socks and have a few fun patterns too. Sqwinchers, banana bag drink mix (might taste bad) and mobility aids are a lifesaver sometimes. Good luck!

  • BunnyLesbian


    my cane and electrolyte powder are my best friends. i would also always keep a snack and a drink with you when you go out!

  • Opal


    I use nuun electrolyte capules they have a bunch of good stuff in em and help with immunity too! Getting up slowly… compression socks. It really depends on your symptoms, what is worse for you?

  • spookyspoonie



  • Gigi13


    For me, this works the best: Exercise but not too much, gluten free plant based meals with protein at each meal, Chinese medicine herbs and hydroxy B12 supplement 🤗

  • pixie79


    A medication called Corlanor, no alcohol or coffee, food low in carbs unless I know I can rest afterwards w/ my feet up, compression stockings, identifying & avoiding food allergens/intolerances, electrolytes, exercise daily (walking or riding recumbent bike). Alternating sipping ice cold water & electrolytes & lying down flat with my legs straight up against the wall if I’m having an adrenaline attack.

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