My doctor just talked to me about going on disability. I have several conditions ranging from chronic pain, low muscle density which causes me to be wheelchair bound to seizures and more. I’ve missed a lot of days at work (I am a teacher) and have no sick leave. I do think going on disability is the best as I can barely function but am overwhelmed by the process.

Chronic Pain

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  • sarahducky


    Hello ❤️ im sorry you arent feeling so well. 💕 I think that would be wonderful to be on disability. You should listen to your dr for sure sweetie. I too myself know how hard it is having to miss out on many things because of my condition, its alot like yourself... you will miss teaching but maybe you can substitute at times after you get on disability or even volunteer at places at times. Always listen to your body! Everything will be just fine. Nice meeting you!

    • Belugabear


      that’s so well said, you seem so sweet! I totally agree with all of this. It’s hard to make decisions like that, but sometimes you need to! I’m not on disability but I had to make a similar decision. I left school for a year and then switched to being a part time student. It feels like giving up but it’s really just letting yourself heal!

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