My OCD has gotten worse over the past couple days. I find myself obsessing over the smallest details. i’ve even found myself waking up at night multiple times just to check the doors and make sure they are locked. what can i do to help myself?

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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  • Josephine


    Do you know what has changed over the last couple of days for your ocd to get worse? I read online that stress can trigger the same thoughts again. Do you use medication for your ocd? I also heard that your body can get used to medication after a while. Although, I don’t wake up in the middle of the night for ocd I can understand how frustrating it gets when it comes back. I took medication for ocd in middle school and stopped using it and now years later it has slowly gotten worse.

  • Josephine


    In terms of getting help I would see what could possibly have made it worse and talk to someone you know. If it’s unbearable maybe discussing your frustrations with your doctor could help.

  • SoraSora


    Sometimes something that helps me is if I look at the door while I am locking it and in my head or out loud I say “I am locking the door” or “the door is locked.” And it like kind of confirms it to myself and I find even if I still have worries about it I just remind myself “you looked at the locked door and said it was locked. It is locked.” And it actually helps me. Not 100%, but it eases it at times. Maybe give that a shot?

  • pseudojoker


    Sometimes I take pictures of things like that so I can check, but I don't have to get up

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