other than meds, are there any other treatments that could help me? :(


Magnesium Oxide


Chronic Migraine

Folic Acid

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  • lyashnx


    My brother bought me an eyes and temple massager (looks kinda like a VR headset but less cool lol) and its helped me loads when I get a stubborn migraine that my meds wont get rid of.

  • kiiiiiiiki


    There's vitamins that can also help! Magnesium oxide, folic acid, and vitamin b2 are all things my doctor has me take along with my migraine medication. Botox is also a good option, and sometimes getting acupuncture can help but it's a temporary fix for only a few days until you're exposed to more triggers. Oh! Also, if your migraines are triggered from neck pain then physical therapy helps quite a bit! Good luck 🤗

  • historychick


    it’s still a medication, but it’s not a pill or daily thing. Emgality is a once a month self administered shot and it has truly been a life saver. it has very little side affects (i have had none) and unlike a lot of medications prescribed for migraines, this one is actually designed for migraines and not another disorder

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