I’m on a journey to find a solution for my excessive sleeping that has taken over my life. I often wake up wondering when I had fallen asleep. I’m sleeping my life away, trapped in dreamworlds, stuck in bed for up to a week. When I finally wake and get up to function, I stay up for over 24 hrs. at a time (because I don’t feel drowsy) until another week passes, and then the cycle continues. (Sorry if this message sounds corny)


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  • gramps


    I have been experiencing a similar pattern. I can sleep 12-15 hrs at a time and then I will be up for a day and sometimes go thru cycles where I sleep 3 hrs or so every 8-10 hrs. Trying to figure out WTF is happening.

    • Niuou


      how long have you been experience this? For me it started around late 2019 and it has gotten progressively worse. My doctors and mental health providers have prescribed several medications and gave several suggestions and nothing has helped..

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