I was diagnosed with ADHD at an early age, but I think I might actually have autism or both, how can I tell and what do I do about this?

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • stormithegay


    Look up sites listing symptoms! Just avoid ones targeted towards autism moms, use of the puzzle piece and terms like high functioning/low functioning and the word special needs :)

  • Ariemb


    Message me and I can help! I was originally just diagnosed with adhd and it was hard to get diagnosed with autism, especially as a woman

  • royalty


    Usually autism and ADHD look different on the inside. If you relate to autistic people, I'd definitely look into it more!

  • ___


    Looks up the DSM-5 for autism spectrum disorder! The DSM-5 is what diagnosticians use to diagnose autism, so that is a really good guide if you are able to interpret what the words mean (it is complicated). Also, there are YouTube videos explaining what the DSM-5 for autism means so that can help!

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