Do your meds make you more or less emotional? And have they changed your perceptions of fear?
After I started Prozac (miracle drug in almost every way), I haven't been able to watch a horror movie (in over 9 months) after being a horror movie buff for over 20 years (started watching/loving them at 9 or 10 years old). I now experience a very heightened sense of fear. It's kind of frustrating. Does anyone else feel anything similar? Or like their emotional experience has changed since being on or changing meds? Do you find it gets better?

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  • des00000


    When I initially started taking prozac my anxiety and depression was just absolutely maxed out especially because it was after i had my daughter and my already bad mental health got worse when the postpartum depression hit , I couldn't watch horror movies or true crime at all when I've always loved them, I couldn't listen to most music without crying, I couldn't be around people, I couldn't be around loud noises. It took me about a year maybe a year and a half to feel better even on the prozac and actually be able to enjoy things again, to feel normal again. I think you'll get there, there is just too much going on in your head right now and you need to be gentle with it for a while.

  • CozyVibez


    Never thought of this. I think it's made me less emotional. I had mood swings without medication, but now that I take lamotrigine to stabilize my mood and Cymbalta to improve my anxiety, I think I'm more stoic and unfeeling.

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