How has your cervical spine (neck) been effected by AS?

Generalized pain

Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS)

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  • Frustrated


    Hurts all the time

  • Wormymcsquirmy


    Mine is constantly cracking and hurting, I have to sleep without a pillow or with a very specific pillow

  • basilton


    Mine hurts and cracks all the time too, hurts even worse (and includes my shoulders) when I’m doing things like carrying a heavy backpack

  • CurlySue


    Yes getting knots in the neck is one of my worst symptoms

  • Davem


    Yup. Hurts quite a bit. It goes down into my shoulder blade area all the time.

    • Leopardo.Da.Fishy


      same here 👎🏼

  • useless


    That was my first sign of problems. I don't think they had any idea what it was back then. At this point I am just tired of not being me. They have meds today that can help slow the progression of it. Try to make sure you have a good Dr.

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