Hi guys! How do I advocate for myself when i’m only being told to lose weight?

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Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

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  • Pfeiffer


    I’m dealing with this right now too. I was out on steroids for the pain and of course gained a bunch a weight. Now I’m off the steroids but in more pain so I can’t really workout. I think the more times your speak up the easier it gets. I started with asking not to be weighed unless it was medically necessary for a medication dose. And usually after that I have not had the doctor bring up weight. But it’s hard to get comfortable talking about such an uncomfortable topic.

  • VixenBelladonna


    I wish I knew I just maliciously complied I guess. My doctor told me to lose weight so I’ve been dieting. I’m hoping next time I go and mention that no that didn’t help at all they will be willing to find me more help for my issues again, to be fair when I had first gone I just came off another dieting episode and I may have kept it off if everything didn’t flare and send me into this mess of having to deal with the medical system and disability system. Now I weigh less than I did before and I’m still going down. Figure at healthy weight for my height they can’t bring that up anymore so might as well make that my goal. Lost around 50 lbs already, need around another 20 to be what’s technically considered healthy for my height so was around 230 now I’m around 180, goal 160 it’s only been about 6 months of dieting so far. There is the possibility though that I may have during the course of this diet also been under the effects of celiacs during it and that could have made things more impressive than they would otherwise be while also causing a lot of discomfort. I don’t know for sure yet, going to talk to my doctor about doing a gluten challenge because I recently removed it from my diet, though I still make the occasional mistake or, currently because I thought this was just from the slight gluten allergy my allergist said I had, eat something with minimal amounts of gluten, like soy sauce at an Asian restaurant or the breading in “veggie fries”. In the last month of the diet or so I’ve been kind of bingeing peanut butter and whipped cream for some reason, now it’s a low carb normal basically keto diet, but still I’ve been loosing weight despite likely cheating my calorie count. I’m kind of worried I might have malabsorption issues too now so between that and the fact I just accidentally ate cake, forgetting, oh yeah cake has gluten too, and then proceeded to sleep the entire next day and have diarrhea the day after makes me think I should do a gluten challenge and test for celiacs

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