How has your condition affected your day to day life? to whoever reads this i hope you’re doing well!


Inflammatory & Toxic Neuropathy

Generalized pain



Brain Tumor

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  • SharonB


    Hard to walk. Half of face is numb so hard to talk and sound funny. Dealing with pain. Basically by myself a lot. Good attitude though. Exercise, read and watch tv

  • LiarDelilah


    Its been the gift that keeps on giving medically 😒. I get chronic migraines, physically cannot naturally sleep, peripheral neuropathy, and am gradually losing my vision from scar tissue in the brain to name a few. 🙃

  • Rosie003


    Frequent headaches and sometimes I feel dizzy, or woozy, which is usually a sign to make sure I took enough meds and got enough sleep. I usually watch TV and wait for it to end

  • BSkye


    I'm really glad I caught it early but the hallucinations aren't cool

  • notdeadyet


    Lately it's been very difficult to get through my days due to dizziness and ataxia. I'm currently unemployed as of a week ago looking for work and frustrated because I have no clue what kind of job I can do in my condition.

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