Hi I’m felicity. My panic attacks are really bad and Uncontrollable. Does anyone have advice on how to deal with the really bad days having these attacks

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  • Dorkasaurus


    Weighted blanket, grounding, cold water (I like to force myself to drink it when I'm screaming or hyperventilating) & lay something rly cold in the middle of your chest, chew on peppermints, make sure you feel safe and in control of your environment, make sure someone you trust is aware that it's happening (they don't have to be with you, this helps me calm the feeling that I'm dying, but I actually am at high risk of passing out or seizing), make sure you're not driving or trying to resume normal activities as it's happening regardless. Any vasovagal calming technique. Things for nausea (like the peppermint), SeaBands, drops. You can ask your Dr about an anxiety med to take during those times. Give yourself lots of rest the rest of the day. Try to identify a trigger. If you find you don't have triggers sometimes, look into Panic Disorder. That's what I have, as well as Neurocardiogenic Syncope and POTS.

    • Felicityrae23


      yes I do have panic disorder no triggers just very random. These things I do most of them but after a while it seems they aren’t as useful You know?? I definitely need to try the laying something cold on my chest that’s new! Thank you so much ❤️

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