hii i’d really like to make some friends on here who are struggling with similar issues as me! i’m 20 and i struggle with social & general anxiety, depression, adhd, ocd, and an unspecified mood disorder (dr still figuring it out). im struggling with finding the right medication for me. im on several right now and i’m still very depressed and anxious and like bed ridden pretty much. symptoms have definitely improved a little but idk i feel like if im on like 4-5 medications they should be doing a little something more yk? if u relate to any of this or just wanna talk sometime & maybe exchange socials pls lmk :) it would be really nice to have someone i can relate to

Anxiety (Including GAD)


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  • Natasha30


    ❤️ ✋ 🤗

  • jellyforspongebob


  • mia_lillliana



  • Amayaraaain


    hii!!:) i struggle with those things as well! feel free to message me if you want, id love to be friends

  • Onyxxx


    Hey, I’m 19 and I struggle with a lot of that stuff too lol. If you ever need someone to talk to feel free to message me^^

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