I'm having a hard time understanding when I'm depressive and when I'm manic. Are there any ideas that anyone has to check in on themselves? It's always too late when I realize something terrible has happened.


Bipolar Disorder

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  • Windsor


    As someone who jots a lot of notes down, I feel I always got caught up on describing my entire day down at times, and more often than not I feel I'd skip over moments specific to my issues. Thank you for making me realize I need to look at the details!

  • VantaNeko


    I don't experience mania; I often confuse anxiety for depression and vice versa, so this advice might still be helpful. When everything feels like a blur and you're feeling overwhelmed, practice grounding yourself. It's just a technique that helps clear your mind so you can think effectively. Name things that correlate your your 5 senses. What do I see, smell, hear, feel (touch), and taste? Focusing on your surroundings help pull you out of your head. Utilizing this before writing your feelings down could make that process easier 💫💫

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