My head constantly throughout the day gets cloudy, I deal with bad headaches and fatigue, is there any supplements or home remedies I should try? Have a new cyst on my right ovary and it’s sucking the life out of me haha.


Chronic Headache



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  • Poppyseeds


    This may sound silly, but for some reason vitamin d makes me really energized. I have to take it in the morning because I'll be wired all night. Something that helped with my headaches is cutting out ethyritol and stevia. It messes up my stomach which makes me feel drained and give me headaches. I worked with a dietitian on the zero sugar sweeteners, she narrowes that down for me! I hope this is helpful. Maybe taking some b12 and folate could help with energy too?

    • BBYBAK


      thank you so much!! will definitely try those things out. will try anything at this point 😂

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