Is there some kind of financial assistance or accommodation made for those of us who suffer with crippling, severe depression and anxiety every day? I don’t think it’s fair to just expect the same amount of working for a living from me, when I struggle with simply taking care of myself.


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  • Mickalaladone


    I also would like to know this, I feel the same way. Part of what destroys my mental health is being at work 5-7 days a week and this has made it hard to find a job willing to accommodate or hard to find a job in general.

    • BadLuckBrian


      I work from home and have to meet deadlines rather than work at super specific times, so that helps with how exhausted I am constantly. But still, 40 hours is extremely difficult to expect from someone like me.

  • Aquarius_Mage


    You can try to apply for social security disability insurance, (SSDI) but doing so for mental health reasons can be difficult. Also, disability doesn't tend to offer much. It's usually awarded to those with physical disabilities rather than mental. However, if you go through the process, aquire enough proof of disability through doctors and therapists, you just might be able to get it. Don't be surprised if you get denied the first time you apply, and hire a disability lawyer for the next time. Hope this helps! 💙

  • Gwen71


    It depends on where you live.

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