I don’t want to take pharmaceutical drugs..I want to be healed..is there anything that has worked for you, that heals? Natural/alternative medicine (herbs, plant medicines, psilocybin)..Therapies? (EMDR, TMS)..etc.

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    It already sounds like you've done research into a lot of it 😃 pharmaceuticals terrify me, I've just seen too many people close to me not get the benefits out of them or become addicted to things and I'm scared. Not using them takes a lot of effort. I've put myself on a strict schedule so it's harder for me to get lost. Getting on a schedule is one of the hardest parts. Other than that, it's exploring what feels good for you. I take time to breathe, time to exercise, time for relaxing yoga, currently getting into thai chi, just things that help my brain slow down and focus and flow through one thing at a time. I also cut out time to do something creative each day because I love crafting, it helps me feel extra expressive! It's hard to sort out at first, but the organization comes over time through trial and error, just like it would with meds. It can be scary to start because you don't know exactly what will work, but I've finally found a nice rhythm, so I have hope for you! Feel free to explore what your body likes and what helps your brain relax, if it's a weekly trip in for EMDR or yoga every night or learning a new hobby that you've always wanted to learn, or whatever. Do what you need! 👏

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