are you taking any medications for HS that has worked well for you?





Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS)

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  • Tony60


    I've had the best response after taking doxycycline for a few months, but nothing worked quickly for me..

  • Soskae


    Spironolactone has been a dream for me! I have been super fortunate to have none of the adverse side effects while having very few flare ups and no new tracts forming. I use topical clindamycin for flare ups and my HS is so well managed at this point it rarely impacts my day to day activities. I’m also on birth control and I think both of those together have created a nice balance in my body. I would love everyone else to have this same success!!!

  • elliezabeth


    Spiro also worked wonders for me. For the two years I was on it, I only had a handful of major flare ups, usually during hot and/or stressful times.

  • CrazyHairHappyMama


    I am trying to get on Humira. Have tried minocycline oral and clindamyicin lotion and they just won’t go dormant. It’s so frustrating.

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