Just got diagnosed and wondering if anyone else with Celiac is on this app

Celiac Disease

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  • Nugget


    Yes, I also belong to fb group Gluten free living and recipe share

  • ICyou


    Yes! I have had it for years. It’s scary when you get the diagnosis but you will be fine. There are so many gluten free options now days. Just make sure when you go to restaurants that they know it’s an allergy and not just a preference. Making sure to change gloves and be careful with your food. I was so scared when I first got diagnosed but honestly it changed my life. Plus it explained why I didn’t “like” a bunch of foods growing up. The app FindMeGlutenFree is helpful when looking to dine out. Most groceries have a huge section of options. You got this.

  • Parade


    Yes me!

  • skylerrosee



  • roblox


    Yes, I was diagnosed almost 8 years ago! It's definitely a lot easier to deal with now.

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