Other then meds, are there any other treatments that would help me?

Psoriatic Arthritis

Generalized pain

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  • Joey_ramoney


    Join a YMCA or something like that I’ve found that being in the water and floating does wonders for sore joints, just to take the pressure off for a while

  • Lovey


    Nothing that I do has completely helped or made my symptoms go away completely but when I have bad flare ups or I’m in a lot of pain I like to put heated pads on where it hurts. I also found that drinking tart cherry juice (real cherry juice) helps when I have bad inflammation. Staying hydrated and resting when I need rest.. not pushing my self to do something that will wast my energy!

  • Thasia


    I use squishy toys for my hands for exercise to keep the stiffness out of them. I use ice for the swelling and heating pads sometime. I am going to start Ti Chi I heard it helps with the stiffness and pain. I don’t push myself and if people don’t like it that’s tough, they are not in my shoes.

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