I have generalized anxiety disorder and my doctor prescribed me beta blocker for palpitations. My question is should I take it or no. please I need answers

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  • DapperMoth


    Yes, listen to your doctor! If it doesn't end up working out for you, talk to them again and see what else they recommend.

  • CynthiaB56


    Yes…listen to your doc!! 🤗

  • Mahamat


    Thank you guy so much 🙏

  • rynnrynn


    I have anxiety as well and also take beta blockers! Everyone is going to have a different experience but it’s definitely helped me! ❤️

  • CynthiaB56


    I can’t take beta blockers because they interfere with my breathing…I have COPD. A week ago I started taking mirtazapine at bedtime. Starting dose is 7.5mg and it was hit or miss helping insomnia, anxiety and nausea. Sleep is still bad but I’m getting some. Nausea is still terrible but I think once I get to a higher dose that will alleviate anxiety, I think the nausea will get better. Last night I took 15mg. Sleep is still iffy but I had a weird dream so I’m sleeping some! Nausea and anxiety are still bad. I’m praying this higher dose will help!!! It’s a slow process. I need patience but 24/7 nausea is unbearable! Good luck to all of us!💜

  • MatchaBunn


    I definitely think you should give it a try, but be honest with your doctor about your concerns. Don’t be afraid to ask questions like: what side effects should you expect, and how long until they subside? In what way will the medication help with anxiety, and how can you tell it’s working? Are there any contraindications with other meds or conditions that you have? Getting a better idea of what to expect can help ease anxiety some so you don’t have to be hypervigilant about changes when starting a new med.

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