Are there days you just cry and wanna sleep and don’t really know why your depressed? I’m feeling that way too don’t know what it is. I do suffer from hashimotos disease and I’m on anti depressants. Today just seems like one of those bad days,


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  • JacJac


    I have those days too... Thankfully they're not as frequent as they used to be but every now and then it's like my Depression just Sneaks Up on me!!! Instead of trying to figure out the reason I try to focus on Self-care habits like taking a Hot shower or Bath 🛁🚿, or I turn on a Meditation and try to go Somewhere else in my Mind... Just Remember Feelings aren't Facts!!! And they will Pass... Take care and I hope you feel better soon❤️🤗💕

  • Mamma_Maria


    Thank you it usually passes for me as well so I think I will treat myself to a nap in a dark room and usually I feel better never goes to the next day… also I did not sleep well last night so that might be a contributing factor so I will go rest… thank you have a great day!

  • LixiKat


    Those type of days can be extremely exhausting mentally and physically try to take a nice walk or play some music that you really enjoy that makes you happy play a video game or go to a cat café if you’re not allergic to them Dogs and cats could be extremely positive and very good at emotional support pets

  • TheOldMe


    I have those days too... My dogs help but sometimes I just have to take a day and just do nothing, a mental health day I guess. It's hard not to feel guilty about doing nothing but it's just what I have to do.

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