Pregnant with my first! HS has always been relatively mild, but o have one area that’s gotten worse during pregnancy. Curious to know if anyone has non surgical HS treatments that work for them!

Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS)

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  • Cheza


    ✋ yes! Everyone has something different that works for them but for me in general it’s avoiding wearing underwear, reducing stress, cutting dairy significantly and sugary foods, and lastly probiotics have helped a lot for some reason! They have reduced the times I get flares by a lot! It’s all trial and error

  • Harper


    Thanks!! So good to know about probiotics. I was taking a low dose antibiotic prescribed by my dermatologist for treatment before my pregnancy, and taking a probiotic along with that, before my pregnancy, and it was working great. I’ll go back to the probiotic; maybe it’ll work for me too!

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