I posted about it before. But today was the day. My dog passed away this morning. I was there when she fell. I miss her so much. We’ll be burying her later today we later her down in her favorite blanket and are going to place her favorite things in the box. I look at her from habit and wait to see her chest rise again but she’s really gone. Her name was Nim, she was 14, and one of the best things in my life. She loved hotdogs, walks, car rides, and cuddles. She was my best friend and it hurts to know she’s gone but I know that it’s better that she’s finally at peace.


Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • KingKoopa85


    Sorry for your loss. 😥

  • purplekitty2303


    i lost my childhood cat a year ago, and though i still have those rough times where i really wish he was here with me, every day gets a little easier. i am sure you gave nim such a beautiful life in a loving home. i’m so sorry for your loss <3

  • SourLemons


    i'm sorry for your loss.. sounds like nim had a great lifelong friend and home. i'd do anything to provide the same for my dog back home too.

  • Gwen71


    I'm so sorry you lost your fur baby Nim. 🙏🤗

  • LunaNova


    So sorry for your loss sending warm thoughts during this dark time💕

  • mermaidap


    i’m so sorry. losing my dog was one of the most difficult things i’ve ever been through. she was my rock. my thoughts are with you

  • BeanBetter



  • Snuggie


    Sorry for your loss. I lost my childhood dog freshman year of high school and it was so hard to accept. It took a few years before I realized he was in fact gone. He was my best friend. He made me feel safe. I understand how you feel right now. ❤️

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