Hi everyone,
I’ve been struggling to get 8 hours of straight sleep. Everyday I constantly wake up at 2-6 in the morning and always feel exhausted. My symptoms started in April after me and my ex split up. Now, it’s become a cycle I can’t break and it’s truely impacted my life. I don’t know at this point if it’s insomnia or sleep apnea. I’d love some advice.

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  • Mark


    Hi, I'm familiar with the problem since I had something similar. For me it happened after a very big loss in the family, I was constantly busy thinking about the loss, I couldn't fall asleep at night and I was unable to function afterward during the day with work and children. The thing that helped me the most is divided into two. First of all, create a "clean" sleeping environment, meaning not watching TV, not playing with your cellphone, simply getting into bed, turning off the light and going to sleep, In addition to taking a sleeping pill. The pill helped me overcome the "fear" of not falling asleep and after a few weeks with it, I was able to fall asleep even without it. What do you think? Have you tried it?

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