I live in Alaska and while my eczema is bad here, if I go anywhere out of state it gets a LOT worse. I am wondering if there’s any treatments or options for this? I love traveling, but I hate having horrendous flare-ups and scarring from them. Wind, heat, sun, humidity, etc. triggers them - even the slightest difference from the weather where I live is enough to make a giant flare up. Along with this, is there a way to clear scarring up? I had a bad flare up when I went to San Diego and it scarred really bad on my face. 😣

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  • breadbored


    Oh man I feel like such a weakling now, my eczema is never that sensitive. But I do know traveling is terrible for it unfortunately. I just use ScarAway or other scar treatment cream, I think it works but not as well as I wish it would😂 I sure hope there's a treatment for this💕 sorry I can't be more helpful!

  • Yuna


    I have very mild ezcema and only seem to have flare ups when I’m super stressed, but I use the Aveno Ezcema lotion for my spots. It works great for me and it’s also the only lotion I can tolerate (I hate the feeling of lotion and this one isn’t as thick I guess?) Can’t say I have any tips for scarring though ☹️

  • CloudySea


    I think for the scarring, your best bet might be to consult with a dermatologist. Honestly, idk how to help you with that. I’m sorry. 😢

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