Any advice on how to deal with triggers? Before the pandemic, I was living alone overseas and very independent. When COVID hit, I lost my job and money and had to move home to live with my mom. 33 and back in my room this year with no end in sight is hard. Just got back from a Mother’s Day weekend where we drove to visit my brother and sister-in-law. It’s always a triggering place for me. They own their home and make a great deal of money between the two of them. They don’t understand why I have to live at home and can’t get out of it. It’s beyond frustrating and just beats me up. I love my mom but I’m a big introvert and very independent. She doesn’t understand that and doesn’t respect it well. It’s been such a triggering weekend, I don’t know how to come out of it.

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  • GenL


    I understand this. I love my family, too, but I can only be around certain family members for short periods of time before I really need to be alone/in my own space. Maybe there’s a way to gently tell your mom you need a little more space? That can be hard to do. I always feel like a bit of a failure around my brother & his wife - they have great jobs, a family, a house… and they don’t understand my anxiety or depression. You’re not alone. Hang in there. ❤️

  • Kim156


    This was really helpful to know I’m not alone in this experience. Thank you 🙏🏼

  • RyanneAlikay


    I don’t have a ton of really helpful advice but I’m in a pretty similar boat, living with family who are toxic and triggering and no end in sight. Working as hard and fast toward being on our own as possible but can’t keep up with the ever rising cost of living. It’s difficult. I can offer that my therapist gave me this question… what is the purpose of the home you’re living in? IS there a purpose besides sleeping? Is there a way you can find to just keep out of the house and on your own as much as possible? Just go home to sleep? For me personally this is difficult as a one car family with no extra money so it’s hard to get a bus pass or anything else to travel around the town. Anyway, you aren’t alone and I hope you are able to find a solution. It’s a difficult situation.

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