Does anyone get pain in their elbows at night during sleep? I have hEDS and having my elbows bent for a long time wake me up in pain.

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  • WillowDecay


    I do occasionally, but more often than not it’s my knees and hips that hurt. I sleep on my stomach with one leg straight and one pulled up to my chest and my arms tucked under me and my head facing toward whichever leg is pulled up. My elbows tend to be more sore if I sleep on my back on the sofa with my hands on my stomach. But I’ve always had worse problems with my legs than I have with my arms anyway. Best thing I could tell you is try an elbow brace (they are made for things like tennis elbow) before bed. Those things help my mum who has horrible elbow and shoulder problems

  • MediWitch


    Hiya! I do, this could also be due to something cubital tunnel syndrome. Very similar to carpal tunnel but in your elbow. Try wrapping your arm loosely with towels when you sleep and see if that helps (: (I work in orthopedics)

  • TanzieLuv


    Staying in one position for too long also causes me the “stiff pains” as I call them. I never know which of my conditions is the cause though. However, once I bought my pregnancy pillow… what a great comfort! I can still get the stiff pains if bent up for too long but I am way more comfortable and with much more support! 💜🥄💜

  • Oooouuuucchh


    My elbow pain comes more frequently if I’m typing or writing at a desk for too long, but it does happen after I wake up if I haven’t been careful with my sleeping position

  • RefinedByFire18


    YES. I hyperextend my elbows in my sleep!

  • briannamal


    YES! I found that around hormonal changes this happens to me. Either my tendons, ligaments or nerves that run through my elbows get really sensitive and I just have to lie there with my arms straight until it gets better. So sorry this is happening to you

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