I’ve been taking Adderall XR and later in the day another regular Adderall and I feel like they aren’t doing anything anymore. I don’t really feel like increasing my dose because this dose has been working for me the whole time so I feel like it’s bad to take more. But I can’t really switch meds right now because I’m in college and what if the new meds don’t work? If you have tried multiple meds, which one(s) work best for you?

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  • daggerbabi


    adderall XR never really worked for me. when i was in school i took regular adderall but twice a day so i would take it in the morning and then after lunch and i felt like personally it worked better. hope this helps :)

  • MacAndCheese


    I tried adderal and it worked for me but the side effects were hell so I switched to stratera. It’s a really great med if you struggle with depression and/or you plan on taking a medication every day. But overall the meds are weird and sometimes they just stop working for you and it sucks. Sending you good vibes. 👍 ❤️

  • PondWater


    same. i was taking regular adderall but recently switched to XR and i’m not totally sure it works. maybe my dose is too low but i’m not getting things done anymore. before, it would make the ol’ executives function again but now it’s just barely enough to get out of bed and maybe brush my teeth

  • RxtPxnk


    when i was a kid id have this issue where my adhd medication would stop being effective after a while so theyd switch me between Adderall and Vyvanse and it worked except for the side effects (panic attacks) that ultimately lead me to stop taking adhd medicine

  • hidenseek


    I had to switch to regular release adderall because of this. Also make sure you aren’t taking anything with citric acid with your meds because it decreases effectiveness.

  • abbz


    i never used adderall, but i’ve taken concerta, ritalin, and vyvanse. i would maybe try non-medication treatments if you don’t want to change anything. i’m always trying to implement them, bc medication can help but it can’t teach you what your peers learned that you may have missed executive function and organizational wise (also i had a friend suggest taking a partial dose on days when i didn’t have classes and i’ve definitely noticed it working more efficiently on the days i do have class bc of it!!)

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