I have Social Anxiety and I know that a lot of my responses and fears when I’m in a social situation come from the traumas I suffered as a child, I was bullied relentlessly by certain adult family members, and was very isolated. Is there anyone who has tried something that works for ptsd? Like what you do in the moment when you’re having a trauma response? Thank you!

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • Krystal


    I also have social anxiety. I haven’t found anything that helps a lot yet. But, due to some of my other illnesses I was recently certified to try Medical Cannabis. I was told that there are strains that can drastically improve anxiety disorders. So, I am really hoping that it will ease the anxiety I experience. I have my appointment next week to talk to the Dispensary pharmacist, I will let you know hkw that goes. Good luck! ❤️

  • KitKat723


    My best advice that has saved me from many panic attacks is to ask your psychiatrist about in the moment PTSD meds. I take them when i feel a panic attack coming on and it really helps me. I take those and try to separate myself from the panicy situation i'm in. I'm not sure if that's an option for you but if you can i recommend it ❤️

  • Overcomer


    For me I work with my therapist. It helps me to talk to someone who is nonjudgmental. Plus who is honest with me and give me another way of viewing things. My psychiatrist like the fact that I chose this way to help me cope.

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