hello! i’ve been dealing with heavy 8-9 day long periods for about 6 years and they’re extremely painful. i’ve had the nexplanon implant since last may and it made my cycle more bearable but sometimes i get it three times a month, about a week long every time. it’s starting to get painful and heavy again and i’m not sure what to do


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  • Emqos


    Ask your doctor for transexamic acid!!!

  • wheezynwavy


    Has your doctor looked into why you have heavy periods? If not, I'd ask them to look into it so you can address the root problem

  • Meek84


    I went through the same thing but I was on the the shot for 4yrs. My cycles came 2-3 times a month & was very heavy/painful. I bleed for a total of 15-20 days some months & all of my labs was normal. I literally shopped Dr's until I found a Dr that did something about my issue. She ordered CT & MRI w & w/o contrast also US pelvic & abdominal after the scans referred me to Gyn. I was prescribed transexamic acid by Gyn & it did help so I'm currently being treated w/ Naproxen 500mg & Tramadol 50mg to control my pain

  • Pisces2022


    I have dysfunctional bleeding too. I have heavy bleeding also- I ended up in ER for excruciating pain & they did all X-rays- seen nothing. Prescribed me Naproxen, Tramadol, and Tranexamic acid.. I’m on Day 14 bleeding and Suffer from Anemia. I’m scheduled for a Hysteroscopy D&C Procedure- full scraping of my Uterine lining in 6 days! Finally my GYNECOLOGIST decides she wants to do something about it. 6 days is a long time for someone who suffers from Anemia. Urghhhh I’ve been taking Tranexamic past 5 days now- nurse said continue to take it. gynecology world has let us woman down-

  • Amaryllis3


    Ok that's interesting, I'm in the same exact position 🤔

    • Amaryllis3


      Mine are 2 weeks long and a 10 pain wise, and the week before I feel very sick as well as the week after I'm finally done....

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