6 days on Amitriptyline & I think I’m about to make the conscious decision to stop taking it. I started taking it Friday night and I’ve had a headache everyday since Monday.. I hope my doctor understands tomorrow when I tell her I stopped taking it.. I just think that if medicine is making me worse there is no point in taking it. We were doing a trail one for 2 weeks but I did a week and it’s a no 🤦🏽‍♀️

What else should I try or should I even try anything else? I feel like I’ve tried just about everything in the last 6 years.. and if not everything I’ve tried enough..


Fibromyalgia (FM)



Chronic Headache

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  • InTheVoid


    I recommend looking at memantine, it's the best pain medication I've found.

  • Scoutie


    I take Lyrica and Duloxidine

  • kamandjamsmom


    Amitriptyline worked when I was younger. Tried it again when I was after 50 and got panic attacks and racing heart from it so, I don't blame you for wanting to stop.

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