What helps you maintain a good mindset and balance with BPD?

Bipolar Disorder


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  • vew


    I don't know if I, myself, have bipolar disorder but uhm, go with the flow if it feels like your emotions are overflowing knowing that it won't always feel this way, nothing is permanent and there's always an end to each episode :-). +Pretty sure BPD is the acronym for borderline personality disorder.

  • FrankieFrog


    When I get into the depressive phase, I go to any door in my house. As soon as I'm at the door I close my eyes and take a deep breath. I open the door then open my eyes and immediately start trying my best to focus on what's in front of me, getting things done as soon as I acknowledge them. This helps me the best every morning when I feel like my anxiety or racing thoughts are leading me down that pit of the depressive state because despite where my head's at, I'm still getting things done and feeling at least a little confidence from that.

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