Does anyone else struggle with the serotonin hits from forms of instant gratification? Sometimes I feel myself craving it and I get anxious and stressed when I don’t get it. Even if it’s just a text or some type of notification. I don’t always feel that way but the times when I do are so tiring

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • UnluckyUnicorn


    This happens with me too! I hate it. The anxiety that comes when I “miss” it is not worth it. I have my notifications for everything but my alarms and reminders off because of this :/

  • SeektheMeek


    Hi yes! I did it where’s my gold star? lol. I found celebrating myself for being a functional human helps. I did the thing woot! 10 karma pts for me

  • Tom1991


    I can really relate. I've learned to let myself enjoy some harmless treats like music breaks and healthy snacks nearby. Don't let yourself live in a constant struggle :-)

  • im_himbo


    100% I will get so worked up abt not getting instant gratification from texting or whatever that I’ll hear phantom notifications which is such a buck wild experience, I find preoccupying yourself through music or YouTube or whatever helps so you aren’t just waiting for that gratification

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